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Sun changes its zodiac sign, know what will be the effect on zodiac sign

According to astrology, the effect of this zodiac change of the sun on all zodiac signs and their remedies is as follows. The Sun, the…


According to astrology, the effect of this zodiac change of the sun on all zodiac signs and their remedies is as follows.
The Sun, the King of the planets, will change its zodiac sign on October 17 at 7:00 am and enter its low zodiac Libra. Due to going into the enemy zodiac sign, the effect of the Sun will be weak and its effect will be on all zodiac signs, where it will be very auspicious for some zodiac signs, while it will bring inauspicious times and news for people of other zodiac signs. According to astrology, the effect of this zodiac change of the sun on all zodiac signs and their remedies is as follows.

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The effect of this event on different zodiac signs will be as follows.
Aries : There may be a decrease in income. You may have to suffer due to some travel. Be careful.

Taurus We will defeat the enemies. Support of a loved one, chronic disease will be removed. You will get some good news soon.

Gemini : You may have to suffer due to some accidental disease. Stress and depression will occur due to various reasons and mental peace will be disturbed.

Cancer : Not getting the desired success will cause mental stress. Health issues will remain due to emergence of any chronic disease.

Lion : Some good news can be received soon in the family. Promotion can happen at the workplace, there will be profit in business. There are signs of some big economic benefit.

Virgo: There is a possibility of loss of money due to useless actions. A decrease in wealth is possible. Any accidental accident may occur, be careful.

Libra: Avoid anger otherwise you may face some great loss. May cause loss of money.

Scorpio: There will be concern about health. Any trusted partner can cheat. Money will be spent in vain works.

Sagittarius: You will get freedom from diseases. New sources of income will be created, reputation will increase in society.

Capricorn : There is a possibility of starting a new work which will benefit in future. Suddenly money can be found from somewhere. Social reputation will increase.

Aquarius : Tasks may be interrupted. Mental stress can be faced by the incomplete fulfillment of various desires. Take special care of your health.

Pisces: Problems may have to be raised due to a property dispute. You may also have to suffer due to illness of a family.

These measures will benefit
The Sun’s zodiac changes, for which are inauspicious, should be recited by Adityahridayasrota. Apart from this, worshiping Lord Vishnu and Suryadev will also benefit. Donate food to any hungry creature, animal, bird etc. as much as possible. will benefit.



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