Struggle as soon as 20 cases are found in a society


Manpa administration came into action, health department staff reached the spot with Dhanwantri chariot

face. As soon as the information of 20 infected people came to the same society, there was a stir in the Manpa administration. The team of health officials and Dhanwantari Rath reached the spot and started a health checkup of the people living there. Manpa has made the society a micro cluster.

Despite all efforts of the Manpa administration, the corona infection is not under control. The new cases are constantly increasing the problems of the Health Department. Dhanwantari Chariot has also increased the scope of investigation of people, which seems to be successful to some extent. Meanwhile, due to several cases of infection in one society coming together, the problems of the health department of Manpa are increasing.

The CPI (M) administration is also shocked by the simultaneous 20 cases of corona infection in Society Krishna Kunj, Palanpur Patia in the Randar zone of the city. The authorities are surprised that despite such precautions, such a large number of cases came together in the society. As soon as information was received, the entire staff reached the spot and took stock of the situation. Dhanvantari Rath has also been sent to the society and started taking samples. Meanwhile, the Manpa administration has banned the movement of people by declaring the entire society as micro-cluster. Dr. Kewai Garasia, Deputy Medical Officer of Rander Zone, told that Dhanwantari Rath will be sent to the society until samples of all the people living there are taken.



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