Structure of education to be changed in 700 schools of the district – proposal sent for a school | Education structure will change in 700 schools of the district – Tribal department sent a proposal for a campus one school


Digital Desk Shahdol. Structure of education in about 700 schools in the district is subject to change. These schools can be merged with the largest school located on the campus. A proposal for 705 schools has been sent from the district under a campus one school scheme. Now it has to be decided from the government level itself.
A campus is planned to connect 705 schools in the district with one school. Of these, 324 are the number of integrated main schools, while the number of schools located in the school premises is 381. Recently, Tribal Welfare Department has sent such a proposal to Bhopal. Officials say that having a campus as a school will enable better utilization of surplus teachers, utilization of subject-wise teachers, better utilization of available resources in schools and effective monitoring of education. There will be an integrated time table and management committee to run the schools. Children will get the most benefit from this.
No school will be closed
No school will be closed by this scheme. For this, the department has identified 705 schools in the district which are on the same campus. Primary, middle and high school have separate headmasters or principals. These people used to do other work instead of studying. That means taking care of schools and giving postage, going to meetings. If the system is applicable, only the senior person posted in the largest school will be put in charge.
A principal will control
If a campus is a school, the school will be controlled by the largest school in the campus. So far, different schools remain in charge, while there are more teachers in any school, there is a shortage of teachers in any school. This proposal has been sent to overcome the shortage of teachers and improve education. However, many teachers are not embracing this system, as they will lose control of the school.
This is information about schools

Other School Yoga of Block Integrated School Campus
Sohagpur 87 107 194
Old age 94 106 200
Gohaparu 59 69 128
Jaisinghnagar 84 99 183
Yoga 324 381 705
They say
We have sent a proposal to the government for a campus one school. Whatever action is to be taken in this regard has to be done from there itself.
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