Special rules will be applicable for passengers from October 10, now tickets will be available up to 5 minutes before you miss the train

new Delhi. From today the Indian Railways has introduced a major facility for passengers. That is, this change has also been implemented from 10 October. Under the new change, now the second chart of ticket reservation in trains will be released half an hour before the train starts from the station.


What was the earlier rule?
The statement issued by the railway states that under the pre-corona rule, the first reservation chart is prepared 4 hours before the train opens. Thereafter, bookings available through the Internet or PRS system were on a first-come-first-served basis. This booking used to take place before the second reservation charge was made.


The second reservation charge was prepared 30 to 5 minutes before the opening of the train. During this time, it was also permitted to cancel tickets already booked under refund rules. The rules of the second reservation chart were changed due to the corona virus epidemic. But again changing the rules, now again the second reservation chart will be made 30 minutes before the train departure time.


Ticket booking facility will be available online and at PRS ticket counters before the second chart is prepared. The Rail Information System Center has made necessary amendments in the software to restore the chart making technique 30 minutes before the train leaves.

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