Shobhita told Dhulipala that her favorites have come on experiments, she did not ‘blast’ the scene.


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Actor Sobhita Dhulipala, whose performance in the web series Made in Heaven It is considered a major victory of her career and revealed how tough her journey really was. In a recent interview, Shobhita reacted to the popular notion that ‘the scene just exploded’. Made in Heaven, And explained that it actually took her a while to get there.

Shobhita told Dhulipala that her choice was experimental

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Shobhita said, “My choices have been made to some extent in favor of experimentation, at least going through the convention. That’s why when I did a project like Made in Heaven, people used to say, ‘Oh, you exploded on that scene.’ It took me seven years to get there. “

She also shared that she is not a person living in the past either in terms of personal life or work. “All difficulties lead us to education, so what Rona?” She did philosophy.

Talking about how Hindi cinema has been targeted in recent times and named ‘Gatari’, Shobhita said that everyone has their own journey. “It’s been my journey, there have been some good experiences, some not good. But I’m doing it. Different people treat it differently. I’m holding my opinion about others because I don’t think others want it.” An opinion about me. I am my own, I will find the wrong time, “she said.

On the outside discussion against Natalgahi and the inside, Shobhita said, “I have received a lot of perspectives from others. Some things you have heard. So, I do not want to sit back and judge. I do not have full opinions because I do not have enough knowledge about it.”

Sobhita was last seen in a horror anthology film Ghost story. She played the role of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

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