Shekhar Suman Riya Chakraborty granted bail: No one can be convicted till proven in court



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Shekhar Suman, who has been speaking on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput for some time, recently opened a forensic report on the developments in the case, particularly the release of Riya Chakraborty on bail in a drug case and Sushant’s suicide.

Shekhar on Race Bell: No one can be found guilty until proven guilty

In a recent interview to Hindustan Times, Shekhar expressed full confidence in the judiciary. Talking about Riya getting bail in the drugs case arising out of Sushant’s death, he said, “I respect the Mumbai High Court. You should respect the agencies. If they don’t find anything, she knows she was not part of any drug cartel, so by now you know. Yes, she bought drugs and gave them to her boyfriend. You probably don’t know if she stopped him from taking drugs or not. You can’t do that. Convict someone until the court proves it. “

As for the AIIMS forensic team, which ended Sushant’s death as a suicide, he admits that the team is reporting on what they found out, but still feels that the case cannot be investigated as there is no further evidence.

Shekhar spoke about Sushant’s character assassination. He said, “A dead man can’t speak for himself. Now it is said that he was addicted, so he used to go from one woman to another. Why are we dragging him into a black corner? I am not ready to hear that you are fighting for an addicted man. We should honor his death and stop tarnishing his image, it is wrong to tear him apart, now leave him before God, the power will do justice to all of you, let’s be content, at least we fought teeth and nails, unfortunately as a bright boy who stayed with us I want to remember him. “

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