Sharadiya Navratri 2020: Start this lesson from today, Shri Ram himself will protect you


There is no cut of this defense shield …

Navratri festival has special significance in Sanatan i.e. Hinduism. It is considered to be a festival of joy, joy and fulfillment of all your dreams and the blessings of Mother Adishakti. During this time, many types of Jatan are done on behalf of the devotees to please the mother. In such a situation, today we are telling you about a lesson, in relation to which it is believed that if a devotee starts this lesson from the first day of Navratri, till the day he keeps chanting it everyday, no one can beat it. It is believed that there will be no attack on you due to no cut of this shield.

At the same time, the main rules about this lesson are that do it every day at a certain time (whatever you decide the time), with full devotion, devotion and faith. Read at least the Navratri from which these lessons begin, read daily till the end of the next Navratri. Also, do not commit any sinful act during this time.

ram raksha stotra importance in navratriAccording to the pundits and experts, Ram Rakshastra is also considered to be of special importance in Navratri, although the text of Rama Rakshastra can be started at any time, but it is said that the text of Rama Raksha Rastra should be started from Navratri itself, by doing this you It helps to succeed in every difficulty.

Importance of Ram Rakshastra
In connection with the importance of Rama Rakshastra, in Navratri, Pandit Sunil Sharma explains that if we read the Ramayana, it is known that Shri Ram himself also appealed to Ravana, mother Durga before the war and sought her strength. And since Ram Rakshastra is itself a defense shield, its importance increases in Navratri. Also, the introduction of this Rakshastroot in Navratri itself gives immense benefits as well as results soon. There is also a special thing that this lesson has to be done every day.

ram raksha stotra importance in navratri

Text of Shri Ram Rakshastotra:
It is believed that those who recite this hymn are protected by Shriram. At the same time, it is said that Lord Shankar appeared in a dream to the sage Budkaushik, telling him the glory of the Rama Raksha Srota and he wrote it when he woke up in the morning. This stotra is in Sanskrit language.

It is believed that with the regular recitation of this hymn, it also removes all the sufferings and ghosts of the house. At the same time, it is also believed that the person who recites this hymn will be longevity, happy, saintly, victorious and humble ‘, such a virtue is stated in this stotra.

Apart from this, in this stotra there is an accurate description of Sri Ramachandra, the outline of Ramayana, Ramavandan, Rambhakta Stuti, Vandan and praise to the ancestors, glory of Ramnam, etc.

Take special care of them during the Rama Rakshastra
: The introduction of Ram Rakshastra on Navratri has its own importance, during this time it is believed that by reciting this source continuously, all problems are solved.

: At the same time, it is considered more creditable to keep some special things in mind during Ram Rakshastra. According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, while reciting Ram Rakshastra, the devotee should keep in mind that the verse he is reciting should have the same position of Shri Ram in his mind.

: Do this every day at a certain time (whatever time you decide), with full devotion, devotion and faith. Read at least the Navratri from which these lessons begin, read daily till the end of the next Navratri. Also, do not commit any sinful act during this time.

Think of it like this…
Shloka: Shriram Chandracharanau Mansa Smarami Shriram Chandracharanau Vamsa Home. Sri Ramachandracharanau Shirsa Namami Sriramachandracharanau Sharanam Prapadhye .. 26.
– That is, in this form, mean the meditation of Rama’s feet during this time, stay with your mind and feel yourself in front of them and feel their refuge.

Shloka: Dakshine Lakshmano Yesya, Vame Tu Janakatmaja. Purato Marutiryasya, Tam Vande Raghunandanam.
– That is, while worshiping this mantra, bring meditation in the mind according to the sloka of Lakshman and mother Sita etc. on the south side of Shri Ram.

Some special tricks …
1. Take mustard seeds in a bowl. There should be any woolen cloth or seat under the bowl. Read the Rama Raksha Mantra 11 times and during this time you keep rolling the mustard seeds in the bowl with your fingers.

Keep in mind that during this time you are sitting on a pedestal and the Rama Raksha Yantra should be in front of you or the idol or photo of Shri Ram should be in front of you, seeing that you have to chant the mantra.

It is believed that mustard is proved by eleven times chanting and you keep the mustard seeds in a clean and safe place of worship. After this, when needed, try some grains. It definitely leads to success.

ram raksha stotra importance in navratri

– If there is a dispute or a lawsuit, then take mustard seeds on that day and put it where the opponent sits or throw it in front of it. It is believed that success will kiss your footsteps.

In sports or competition or in interview, you should take proven mustard and keep it in your pocket.

– Even if there is a possibility of evil, keep Siddha mustard with you.

– Take along the journey, your work will be successful.

2. To make the patient healthy, water can be fed by proving water from Rama Raksha Sources…

How to prove water: For this, just hold the copper vessel in your hand and keep your eyes in the water and feel that all your power is going into the water. At this time keep your attention in praise of Shri Ram. While chanting the mantra, try to know the meaning of each sentence.


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