Serious gang rape charges against policemen within police station, DJ sets judicial inquiry, know which police officers have sensational allegations


– During the lock-up of Mangawan police station, the woman has accused the crime

Reva. A female prisoner in the Central Jail has made a serious charge of gangrape at the police station. Taking cognizance of this, the court has ordered a judicial inquiry. After this charge, the functioning of the police is being questioned. According to the woman, the incident occurred five months ago but she was not given the opportunity to present her case. The police had sent him to jail.

ADJ Vipin Lavania, who was in charge of the District Legal Services Authority, went to the last day for inspection at the central, where the woman informed her about the incident that happened to her. According to the woman, from 9 to 20 May 2020, she was kept in the lock-up of Mangwan police station. Where the then SDOP, in-charge of the station, a policeman named Dada and two others gangraped in the police station itself. During that time, the woman SI of Manikwar post was also aware of this incident, because she was caught and brought to the police station and was also making inquiries. During this time a woman policeman had opposed the incident, then the officers threatened and silenced her.

He has been in jail continuously since May 21. The woman has made this sensational charge on the police in front of the judges and advocates who reached for legal aid. Now after the matter came to the fore, the District Advocates Association has also questioned the police and demanded immediate action.

– Letter for action against policemen on charges
A statement under section 164 on the charges leveled by the woman in jail has been recorded before the judge. On receiving this information, the District and Sessions Judge has written a letter to the Superintendent of Police asking them to take action against the policemen who have been charged with serious charges. Also, the District and Sessions Judge has appointed Judge Kanchan Chaukse for a judicial inquiry into the matter.

– Jail warden was also given information

The jailed woman said that she was tortured and gangraped for 11 consecutive days. She could not give any information about this incident and the police directly rushed her to jail. On coming here, the lady warden was informed about the incident. The warden has also confirmed to the judge that she was given this information but she has come to jail because of the allegations, so she did not give information to anyone because of her lack of confidence.

– District Advocates Association President said that policemen should be removed immediately

After the woman’s allegations, the District Advocates Association President Rajendra Pandey held a press conference and said that the police had been made a shameful and serious charge. Therefore, immediately all those who are accused of this should be removed while attaching or suspending the line. He said that the police should also explain the reason for keeping it in lockup for 11 days during lockdown from 9 to 20 May. If such police officers, employees stay in police stations, there is a big question on how the public will get security. Pandey said that after ordering a judicial inquiry, the DJ has also written to the SP asking him to take action but till now no action is also a question in itself.

A woman was arrested for murder
The woman who accused the policemen of gang rape in the police station was arrested for killing a woman near Manikwar. It is alleged that he murdered a woman from the village along with a friend.

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