Sensational disclosure in old man’s murder case, grandson turns out to be the killer


Anuppur On Sunday, police made a sensational disclosure of the murder in the carcass case of a 65-year-old old woman found dead next to a drain 25 meters from her house in village Johili Babatola in the district Rajendragram police station area. Only the grandson of the accused old was found in it. Thana in-charge Khem Singh Pandro said that on October 12, the deceased’s husband Sohan Lal Yadav had reported the incident from mobile. The police reached the spot and made inquiries and formed a pass. The body of the deceased was found lying on the farmyard near the drain about 25 meters from the house. Whose head and face were found with bruises and bleeding from the mouth and tied the sari in the neck.

Prima facie, she was found to be killed by strangling a saree and injuring her head. Offenses against unknowns were registered and taken into consideration. During the investigation, the police found that two people, 20-year-old Krishna Kumar alias Sandeep Yadav and deceased Fagni Bai, lived in the house. On 9 October, there was a fight between the two over land issues. In which Krishna Kumar also beat up his grandmother. Fagni Bai police station was coming to write its report. But the family did not write the report after refusing. She then moved to her relative’s place. On the evening of October 12, I came back home and said to my grandson, you do not go to the Tehsil Patwari, I alone come to the land everywhere. There was a dispute between the two.

The granddaughter beat up the grandmother and dropped it on the ground. After this, hit the head with the back part of the leg, she fainted with the injury. The accused dragged him to a rivulet and slammed it on a big stone. After that, after taking him to the weir of the field, he tied his neck with his sari and ran away. After the arrest, a case was filed against the accused, where the court has sent him to jail.

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