SDRF evacuates 250-meter-deep man into hospital


Dehradun. A person who fell in a 250 meter deep gorge near Bhairavghati in Kedarghati-Junglechatti was evacuated by SDRF team to hospital on Monday.

SDRF general commander Trupti Bhatt said that on Sunday, police station Sonprayag informed that a person had fallen into a deep ditch near Bhairav ‚Äč‚Äčtemple near Junglechatti while going to Shri Kedarnath. On this information, SDRF rescue team reached the spot of the incident of SI Naveen Kumar. A thorough search was carried out by the rescue team but in the case of excess darkness and excessive risk at night, the person could not be found even after searching.

On Monday morning, a campaign was conducted to search the said person again. After searching by a rescue team in a trench about 250 meters deep, Sunil Shukla (36) son Rajendra Prasad, resident village Palli Fussal (Guptkashi) was discovered in a seriously injured state after searching. Due to excessive injury to the head of the person, the rescue team was first stabilized by first aid and later immediately reached the main route via rope stretcher. After reaching Gaurikund via stretcher by the SDRF team, the injured person was sent via ambulance to Primary Health Center, Sonprayag for further treatment.

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