Sana Khan’s new video surfaced, told what things will get a place in paradise


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sana Khan was shocked by the recent decision to leave the film industry. Sana has made such a big decision for the religion. Now she will follow the path of Allah. She is very active on social media and keeps informing people about Islam. In such a situation, Sana has shared a video. In which she explains what things do have a place in paradise.

Sin will leave us in the world

Sana shared this video with her Instagram account. In the video, Sana says, ‘I want to share such a thing with you today, when I started hearing from him, I thought this was the reality. This year, I heard this thing very often and tried to implement it. Which changed my life a lot. So I thought I would share it with you too. She adds, do not sin for a little fun. Because the fun comes out. But the crime remains with us. That crime goes with us to the grave. This crime will leave us in the world. So for a little fun we don’t have to commit a crime. We have to remember that the fun will be over in a short time, but the crime will always go on with us.

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Sana further says, ‘For a little difficulty you should not stop doing goodness because this kindness is standing with you in the field of fate. This righteousness gives you a place in heaven. Therefore, it is very important that we do what we do in life thoughtfully. Do not hurt anyone’s heart. You have to keep your behavior fine with Namaz. By bringing all these things to life, Allah will give you a place in Paradise.

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Trolled for makeup

Even before this, Sana shared a video. In this video, Sana appeared in a printed dupatta with light makeup. After which some people trolled her with makeup. One user commented and wrote, ‘Is makeup allowed in the Quran?’ At the same time a user wrote, ‘After making so much makeup, after earning money, after the salon spa was started, remember the way of Allah, let’s be good. But what do you do in the salon spa lip job Botox, what is written about it in the Quran. should do?’ Sana did not respond to this, but his fans put a class of commenting user.


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