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Sameer Soni was afraid to touch Hema Malini in Bagwan’s place, thinking that Dharmendra would beat him.

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Yes, you read that! Actor Sameer Soni, who plays the son of Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini GardenerIt has been revealed in his recent interview that he is afraid to touch the senior actress during the shooting of the film. He further revealed that, I thought that if he touched Malini, Dharmendra would come on set and beat them.

“The first scene I want to do with her when all her children come home for the Holi party. It seemed like a simple scene, but the problem here is that your on-screen parents are Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini. I could consider Mr. Bachchan as my father, but Hema ji She didn’t look like her mother. She was so beautiful, “Sameer told TII in an interview. Told.

He further said, “I could not put my hand on her waist or shoulder during the training. I heard stories from Dharamji (Dharmendra) so I thought maybe he would come and beat them.” Me or something. So, after the first training, I asked Hemaji if I would put my hand around her hand. And she was, of course, relieved. “

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In the same interview, Sameer also shared his experience of working with a show actress. “When Hema Malini came on set, it was as if someone had put a light behind her,” he said. He further said that it used to be very structured.

“During the break, she used to work on her background. We also had a loving conversation with each other,” Sony said.

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