Sadhu Yadav broke ties with Lalu-Rabri; Manjeet said – Nitish’s arrow injured


Gopalganj The politics of Bihar took such a turn that the tickets of many of the prominent leaders of Gopalganj were cut. Manjit Kumar Singh of Baikunthpur Assembly constituency, who has been a special member of Nitish Kumar since the establishment of Samata Party, did not get JDU ticket this time. After going to the BJP account of this seat, Nitish Kumar rescued him from his chase. An angry Manjit Kumar Singh, after getting a seat on the BJP account, said that Arrow injured me even after being with Nitish Kumar for 30 years. Only the people of Baikunthpur will respond to this. At the same time, as soon as RJD was ousted from power, Lalu-Rabri rescued her from Sadhu Yadav. Since then, Sadhu Yadav has been searching for all political bases including the Congress, but could not get back his old status. In such a situation, Sadhu Yadav has contested from Gopalganj assembly seat this time on BSP ticket. Sadhu Yadav and Manjeet Kumar Singh filed nominations with their supporters on Friday.

Experts say that during the rule of RJD, Anirudh Prasad Yadav aka Sadhu Yadav used to speak. In Gopalganj, the leaf did not move without his consent. Officers were posted at their behest. Whatever he wished for Sadhu Yadav because of his sister Rabri Devi and brother-in-law Lalu Yadav. He was involved in making the chief from head to head.

6 criminal cases against Sadhu Yadav are pending in court. Sadhu has also been an MP and MLA from Gopalganj. Prior to this, Sadhu Yadav had contested from Barauli assembly seat in 2015 from Garib Janata Dal Secular where he had to face defeat. This time Sadhu Yadav tried very hard to contest on Congress ticket, but when he did not get a chance to contest on Congress ticket, Sadhu Yadav decided to contest on BSP ticket and filed his nomination on Friday.

According to sources, in 2009, Sadhu Yadav’s relationship with his sister and brother-in-law had completely broken. In the 2010 elections, in the Gopalganj seat, brother-in-law and brother-in-law were so caught up in the ticket that their paths were separated. Sadhu Yadav resorted to the Congress hand after differences with the RJD. If he could not win from the Congress, he even rode the BSP elephant in 2015, but no work was done. Due to resentment from RJD, Yadav voters of the district did not adopt him so that Sadhu Yadav could not make a place in politics.

The people of Gopalganj did not accept Sadhu Yadav from contesting elections from any party. But this time in the election from Gopalganj assembly seat, Sadhu Yadav is looking forward to getting the benefit of MY equation. After going to Gopalganj assembly seat in the Congress seat, many leaders were uniting Delhi-Patna for the ticket, but the Congress candidate for Hawa Hawaii leader Asif Gafoor was fiercely raised by Congress workers and burnt effigy of Rahul-Sonia. Sadhu Yadav started getting the benefit of this. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stayed at Manjit Singh’s house whenever he came to Gopalganj in 15 years. Due to the Chief Minister’s stay at his house, he dominated the district’s top officials.

However, Manjit Kumar Singh, who fought on the Lalu-Nitish ticket in the 2015 assembly elections, lost the election. Even after that, he continued to work under Nitish Kumar’s flag in the area. Thirty-six figures in the BJP and JDU in the last five years. After Lalu’s removal from Nitish Kumar from the party, BJP MLAs Mithilesh Kumar Tiwari and Manjit Kumar Singh continued to have a sentence war. The accusation of each other on social media has been a series of counter-allegations. Not only this, due to the fight of these two, administrative officials also had to face trouble in the development work.

Who got how many votes in election 2015 in which Vidhan Sabha seat?
Baikunthpur Assembly seat —– Mithilesh Tiwari (BJP) votes – 55950, Manjit Kumar Singh (JDU) votes – 41721 Manorama Devi (independents) votes – 36530, Barauli Assembly seat —– Mo. Nematullah (RJD) votes – 61211 Rampreshvesh Rai (BJP) votes – 60854 Sadhu Yadav (Gajad) votes – 3893, Gopalganj Assembly seat – Subhash Singh (BJP) votes – 77853, Reyazul Haque (RJD) votes – 72893 , Jaihind Prasad (BSP) votes – 3551, Kuchayakot Assembly-seat – Amarendra Kumar Pandey (JDU) votes – 72224, Kali Prasad Pandey (LJP) votes – 68662, NOTA – 7512, Bhore Assembly seat —- – Anil Kumar (Congress) votes – 74365, Indradev Manjhi (BJP) votes – 59494, Jitendra Paswan (CPI ML) votes – 14011, Hathua Assembly seat —— Ramsevak Singh (JDU) votes – 57917 , Mahachandra Prasad Singh (we) got votes – 34933, Rajesh Kumar Singh (independents) got votes – 32959

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