Ruckus ensued by MLA and BJP District President


Demand to remove employment assistant
Hundreds of people from Margao reached collectorate

Dindori. Remove corrupt employment assistant Stop giving political and administrative protection to the accused. Listen to the poor, but the government of which work and the leader of what work. On Friday, these slogans echoed in the Collectrade office for about 4 hours. The case was from Mara village in Samnapur where the employment assistant is accused of embezzlement of millions. Hundreds of villagers have been reaching the Collectorate office continuously since 2 days and are adamant on demanding immediate removal of the accused. The villagers of village Gram Panchayat of Samnapur district mobilized once again on Friday and reached the collegiate. The villagers shouted slogans and demanded immediate removal of the employment assistant. The villagers allege that the employment assistant embezzled about 50 lakhs. There is no such scheme in the village, in which the accused has not done any fraud. Whose complaint is being continuously made by the villagers. Even after the investigation of the complaint, no action is being taken against the employment assistant. 420 case is also registered against the accused but the administrative officer is silent. Villagers were angry during the protests. At the gate, MLA Om Kar Mercam was explaining to the people that meanwhile the BJP district president also reached the spot and told the people what the matter was. The anger of the people erupted in front of the BJP district president and people said that only leaders like you are patronizing them. When the people raised slogans, the BJP District President had to return backwards. MLA Omkar Markam called the commissioner from the spot and informed about the matter in view of the people’s displeasure. The MLA demanded that it be got done as soon as possible. After this, the villagers assured that the guilty employment assistant would not be spared.
Hilahwali in investigation
The anger of the people also increased on the fact that for two consecutive days people are reaching the hungry thirsty collectorate, but no officer of the district administration like SDMA collector talks to the villagers on the spot and the accused is not being taken immediately. On scrutiny and action of the SDM, the rural women remained surrounded by the SDM car in the Collectorate office till late evening. The villagers remain insistent, remove the illustrious employment assistant immediately. During this, Amar Singh Marko, District President of Aam Aadmi Party was also seen raising slogans with the villagers.

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