Roberto Firmino Brace helps Brazil hammer Bolivia in World Cup qualifiers Football News

Liverpool striker Roberto Fermino led Brazil to a 5-0 win over Bolivia on Friday. Barcelona playmaker Philippe Coutinho and Paris Saint-Germain defender Marquinhos also made it to the scoresheet, while star forward Neymar scored twice in a full one-sided encounter, while Brazil topped the South American qualifiers. The Corinthian Arena was deserted due to restrictions on the Covid-1 restrictions, with Bolivia dominating Brazil with no ambitions, starting after PSG’s Neymar overcame a back problem.

Within the first minute, winger Everton took a strong leap from the six-yard box and three minutes later Marquinhos aimed his cross from the same position.

Bolivia couldn’t get out of their half or the ball, as Coutinho and Everton created a number of chances for Brazil’s left side.

1qu minute later, when Marquinhos was returning home from the same position, he returned to his previous chance when full back Danilo crossed the cross from the right through a small corner following.

Even the first half of the rain did not dampen Brazil’s momentum as Coutinho forced goalkeeper Carlos Lampela to dive on the strength of a defilet shot.

At times it looked like a handball game with Brazil, and Brazil landed on the edge of the Bolivian box, with visitors putting ten men behind the ball each time.

But half an hour later, Renan Lodi on the left went behind the defense and his cross on the left, Farimino, only turned home from the courtyard.

Lampe saved a good hand from a Casimiro free-kick and then Neymar smooched the finish to the nearest line.

By the end of the first half, Bolivia had less than 20 percent possession and the only shot of their bowling was a free kick from 40 yards by Fernando Salidas who did not win on the wall.

If there is any doubt that Brazil will go in the direction of victory, a superb pass from Neymar introduced a tap-in to Firmino from six yards out as he was eliminated three minutes into the second period.

Minutes 65 minutes later, a cross from Coutinho flew into the net from the chest of the unfortunate Jose Carrasco.

Coutinho then came on the scoresheet and had Neymar’s cross from six yards out.

Neymar’s efforts to join the retired great Ronaldo as Brazil’s second-highest bowler so far saved the off-wave from offside flags and injuries.


In the other match of the night, Atlanta duo Duwan Zapata and Luis Muriel defeated Colombia 3-0 over Venezuela.

In the 1st minute, Juan Cuadrado crossed the box from the yard’s box and a brace from Muriel equalized at half time.

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