Research Revealed: Symptoms found even months after exiting Coronavirus infection


Rome. After becoming infected with the coronavirus, patients show symptoms for several weeks and months. Experts say it is difficult for them to estimate how many days patients will feel completely healthy.

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Patients who have minor symptoms of infection soon recover from the disease. At the same time, elderly and severely infected patients also take three to four months to recover completely.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it usually takes two weeks to six weeks for a patient to recover. A US study has revealed that 20% of the patients with mild symptoms who were not admitted to hospital were those who showed symptoms of the disease at least two weeks after the infection.

According to a study in Italy, 87 percent of the hospitalized patients showed symptoms of fatigue and respiratory problems even two months after getting infected. Dr. Khalilah Gates, a specialist in lung diseases in Chicago, says that many of his patients have shown signs of infection even four months after being infected.

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Gates said it is difficult to tell when a patient will feel perfectly healthy. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Jaye Warke says that it has often been seen that even though people have recovered from a serious illness, they have not necessarily fully recovered.



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