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Ravana’s condition will improve in Navratri, NPA repairs repair of fragmented statue


Mandsaur A head of the giant statue of Dasharanan Ravana installed in the Khanpura area of ​​the city was severed from the statue and we prominently published the news of the statue being damaged on 15 October. The responsible municipal corporation woke up and the Chief Municipal Officer himself arrived on the spot on Sunday and after repairing the statue, started the work of repair and paint. On Sunday, the severed head of the Ravana statue was repainted and the repairing of the statue and color painting also started. CMO has also given orders to the engineers of NAPA to complete this work in four days.

It is noteworthy that this statue was falling prey to the plight and apathy of NAPA, the statue has been fragmented from many places and now Dussehra festival is also coming closer. Every year people of Namdev community worship this symbol. But the status of the statue was deteriorated. Pratima was badly damaged and first one of the ten mouths of Ravana was first damaged and then Ravana was separated from one mouth and fell down. Which was taken care of by Napa on Sunday.

Ordered to complete the work till Panchami
Talking to Hindusthan News, Municipal Corporation CMO Prem Kumar Suman said that as soon as this matter came to my notice, I gave the order to repair the statue to NAPA Engineer. I myself have come on the occasion today, the work of repairing and painting of the statue has started. I have given orders to complete this work till Panchami.

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