Ransomware attack Haldiram’s server, hackers demand Rs.5.5 million


  • Cyber ​​attack on the server of country’s famous company Haldiram
  • Hackers asked for five crore rupees from the company in return for data

new Delhi. Big news related to the country’s famous food and packaging company Haldiram has been revealed. There is a cyber attack on Haldiram’s server. Investigating the case, the Noida Cyber ​​Cell found that it was a ransomware attack. Through this cyber attack, the attackers locked the data through a virus, after which the data delete from the system began to show. The hackers demanded a ransom of Rs 5.5 crore from Haldiram for the return of the data. On getting the information of the case, the company informed the Noida Cyber ​​Cell. After investigation by the cyber cell, a case was registered at Noida Sector 58 Police Station. Noida police and cyber cell are currently investigating the case

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Many important files of the company were also deleted

According to the police, food and packaging company Haldiram has maintained a corporate office in the C-block in Noida Sector 62. Actually, the company’s IT department operates from here. Giving information to the police, DGM IT of Haldiram Company said that the corporate office server was targeted at around 1.30 pm on the night of 12 and 13 July. Due to this cyber attack, the data of the company’s marketing business and other departments disappeared. It also included many important files of the company.

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5.5 crore demanded in chatting with the company

As soon as the information was received about the cyber attack, the company first conducted an internal investigation. This was followed by chatting between company officials and hackers. Through this chatting, hackers asked for 5.5 crore rupees in return for data from the company.

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Ransomware attack written via IP address

According to the cyber cell, the company came to know of the attack when the company management came to know about something wrong around 1.30 pm. IT engineers became active as soon as the company came to know. Because the hackers targeted the server, all systems came under its control. Although the engineers also cut off the server connection showing caution, by then the hackers had done their work. After executing the incident, hackers wrote ransomware attacks on all computer screens via IP address.

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