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Ramlila organized in DAV school on the occasion of Sharadiya Navratri


Ramgarh The Shardiya Navratri has started on Saturday. On this occasion, programs have started to be organized in private schools of the district. During the Corona period, all the rules are being followed by the teachers. Ramlila was organized in DAV Barkakana as per rules. Along with this, the tableau of Maa Durga was also organized. The program was started by Regional Director cum Principal Dr. Urmila Singh lighting the lamp. Addressing the program, he said that Maa Durga is seated in every particle of power.

With his inspiration, the whole world is in motion. This festival is related to their worship and meditation, which communicates a positive energy in us. With which we are able to face every adversity firmly. With this strong will power, we are marching on our duty path with vigilance and loyalty in an odd situation like corona epidemic. This year we are celebrating Durga Puja in some bonds. Because this courtyard is waiting impatiently to see the seductive sound and stuttering of children, who inhabit the soul of the school.

With the hope that we will all regroup and the school will once again come back alive. In order to continue the tradition of our school, the tableau of Ramlila and Maa Durga was staged. An attempt was made to give the message that whatever the circumstances may be, we should never leave patience and courage.

The character of Lord Rama, while on the one hand, gives us the message to walk the duty path with selfless devotion, on the other hand, on the other hand, Shaktiswaro Bhagwati is seen to be malicious and malicious. Since ancient times, in Sanatan Dharma, women have a special place, as girls, as mothers, they have been considered venerable and honorable. Therefore, we should give them proper respect and respect in our real life also. So that our values ​​are maintained and our nation always continues on the path of progress.

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