Raising voice against anti-people policies will provide relief to people: Rameshwar Oraon


Ranchi Congress state president Rameshwar Oraon has uploaded the 18th video of the heritage series released by the All India Congress on social media and made them aware of the younger generations of the country. On Wednesday, Oraon told reporters after sharing the eighteenth video of his great legacy of nation building, the Congress’ series of heritage, on his social media, that the Congress party fought against the oppressive policies of the British rule and gave independence to the country.

Now, by raising the voice against the anti-people Narendra Modi government at the center and ousting the BJP-led central government from public power, the people will work to provide relief to the common people. The black day that embarrassed humanity. April 9 was the day of Ram Navami, and the march that day saw the British rule and General Dyer go to Bukhala, seeing Hindu-Muslim unity. Mahatma Gandhi was arrested the same day before entering Punjab. Saifuddin Kitchlu and Dr. Satyapal were arrested by the British Government without any reason.

In protest against all this, thousands of people marched to civil lines on April 10 and many people were also killed in police firing. But now the question of dying of life had become very small before the independence of Mother India. On 13 April, a peaceful meeting was organized in Jallianwala Bagh to protest against Rowlatt law and arrests. Everything was going on peacefully in the presence of thousands of people, when General Dyer arrives there with his soldiers and surrounds the tiger from all sides.

At the sound of a fire, hundreds of days of daily firing bullets pierced the chests of women, men and children present in the assembly. There was chaos all around. On seeing the well, the well in the garden is filled with corpses. Blood-soaked and sieve-riddled bodies were visible everywhere. The ground of the entire field was red with blood. This was a disgusting attack on the British rule of humanity. General Dyer’s inhuman acts across the country including the Congress created resentment which the British rule could not withstand. Hence the black law was repealed in 1922.

The cancellation of this black law indicates that whenever India is united, the greatest dictators have bowed and those laws have been withdrawn. But we have to remember that for this our ancestors shed their blood. Forgetting the distinction of caste and religion, the British were driven out of the country. The sacrifice of our ancestors is not to let us go and protect freedom on the strength of unity. Congress Legislature Party leader Alamgir Alam, Agriculture Minister Badal Patlekh and Banna Gupta also released the heritage video on their social media.

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