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Andy Murray predicts that Rafael Nadal’s record of 13 French Open titles will never be lost as Britain’s former world number one looks set to return to Cologne this week amid disappointment over his own Roland Garros. Olympic 33-year-old Olympic champion Murray lost in a straight set at last month’s French Open and lost to Stan Wawrinka in the first round after undergoing hip surgery. On Sunday, Scotland defeated Nadal Djokovic, 34, 6-1, 6-2, 7-5 to win the 13th French Open at the Roland Garros.

Roder Federer’s explanation for the 20 Grand Slam titles has equaled Spain’s record so far.

Murray echoed the Swiss legend and no one suspected getting close to Nadal’s record in Padis.

Murray said in Cologne, “It’s an amazing performance. I don’t think anything he did at Roland Garros will ever be beaten. I just don’t see it at the top,” Murray said in Cologne.

“(Pete) Sampras has not won as many Grand Slams in just one tournament. It’s amazing.

“I don’t think it will happen again and I don’t think anyone will be around.”

Murray advanced to the second round of the US Open in the first slam after hip resurfacing surgery, and Roland Garros was the third event of the year after rehabilitation.

With wildcards required to play in Paris and Cologne, Marela hopes the back-to-back ATP indoor tournaments on the Rhine have helped improve to the current 97th ranking.

“It would be nice to get a few matches in the next few weeks – expect a better performance than what I did in Paris,” Scott said.

“I want to win the competition and increase my ranking.

“Physically, the more I play, the better my body feels.

“Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks I’ll play a lot, perform well and see how it goes after that.”

On Tuesday, Murray predicted a “tough” start against Spain’s Fernando Verdasco for a chance to play world number seven Alexander Zverev in the second round.

“Anyone who has to face will have to face Sacha (Zverev) and he is one of the top players in the world,” Murray said.

Scott says he had to adjust after hip surgery.

“It’s been going well for a long time and sometimes there have been setbacks,” he admitted.

“I was told it would be an 18-month process for my body to get used to.


“It changes the movement of your pelvis and your body needs to adjust.

“Hopefully this autumn will be a good year with some matches and some good training.”

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