Question on NEET result, film director Vivek Agnihotri said – when both numbers are equal, why not Akanksha Topper instead of Shoaib?


new Delhi. The National Testing Agency has declared the results of NEET 2020. This time, two students have got equal numbers in NEET exam. Shoaib Aftab, who hails from Rourkel in Odisha and Akanksha Singh (Delhi), Akanksha Singh, are ranked 720 out of 720. But, Shoaib Aftab has been declared as India Topper. Whereas, Akanksha Singh stood second. At the same time, there has been a debate on social media about the NEET result and there is talk of discrimination. Noted film director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has questioned the result of NEET exam in a tweet and said that when Shoaib and Akanksha Singh have equal number 720 out of 720 then why Shoaib Aftab is the topper?

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Debate broke out on social media

Actually, this time two students Shoaib Aftab and Akanksha Singh have got 720 out of 720 in the NEET exam. But, Shoaib Aftab has been declared the topper. This result of Neet has been tweeted by famous film director Vivek Agnihotri raising questions. He wrote, ‘Why only Shoaib Aftab was declared the Neet Topper, while Akanksha has also got 720/720?’ The tweet of the film director has sparked debate and users are constantly commenting on it. Users named Faizan Hassan wrote, ‘These turned out to be Sanghi Hindus, ignorant of Muslims, determine their rank according to age, when such an issue gets entangled, but you have to do Hindu-Muslim, instead of poisoning like you to jail. needed’. Users named Rupali Shah wrote, ‘Akanksha Singh has also scored 720 out of 720 in Neet, but the media vultures have just got a name Shoaib Aftab, and will beat Danka on it.’ At the same time, users named Deepak Lahiri wrote, “Surprisingly, the fake media is ignoring the ability of this daughter of Uttar Pradesh, while it has also got 100 per cent marks in NEET exam. And there is a guarantee that this girl will not go ahead to become Shah Faisal and Doctor Kafeel. At the same time, a user named Shalini Mahar wrote, ‘I cannot imagine that now you are targeting a young boy … who has dreams .. but with you … he has nothing to do with your religion. , He has nothing to say to you bad, forgive you, but not God ‘. At the same time, a user named Pandit Rakesh Dwivedi wrote, ‘Maybe the professor’s boy is being shown as if Neet’s examination took place for the first time and the same people were opposing the exam.’ This twitter of film direction is constantly coming. At the time of writing the news, 7.8 thousand people have retweeted this tweet. 28.1 thousand people have liked this. Alam is that this matter is constantly heating up and a debate has started on social media.

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What is a tie breaking formula?

Here let us tell you that when the numbers of two students are equal, the toppers are declared under the tie breaking formula. Actually, when many students get the same number, then the number which will be higher in botany and zoology will be given priority in the ranking. At the same time, if there are items in the number of Biology too, then the number whose number is more in Chemistry will be given preference. At the same time, if the numbers are the same in both subjects, then the person who has given the least number of wrong answers will be given preference. At the same time, if wrong answers also have the same number, then the person whose age is more is preferred.



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