Priyanka Chopra’s ‘The White Tiger’ in December, focus on problems of Indian society


-Dinesh Thakur

Eight years ago, the Russian film ‘White Tiger Movie’ brought the atmosphere of war to the screen in a soulful manner. The film, based on Russian author Iya Boyashov’s novel ‘Tankist’, took a look at the psychology of war from the eyes of a Soviet tank commander. Sahir Ludhianvi said in his Naj Jang years ago- ‘Let the bombs fall on the houses that wounds on the border / Ruh-e-Tamir (composition process) / .. The tanks moved forward that the retreat / womb would be infertile of the earth is.’ Nevertheless, the passion of war continues in the world. The tank commander of ‘White Tiger’ has lost his mind balance in this passion. During the second world war, he also considers himself to be a tank by staying between tanks and ammunition. Throughout the film, he is campaigning to destroy the Nazis white tank that disappears after repeated attacks on the Russian army. At the end of the film, Hitler comes on the screen and says that the war never ends. This is a permanent human condition. That is, time passes, ‘Mahabharata’ continues in new forms. Hindi cinema people make films called ‘Yudh’ and recite songs like ‘Dunke pe chori hai / The army is standing in front / Krishna said’ Arjun se / na pyar jata dushman / war kar, war kar ‘.

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Arvind Adiga’s novel ‘The White Tiger’

However, when the Russian film ‘White Tiger’ was in the limelight, at the same time Indian author Arvind Adiga’s novel ‘The White Tiger’ was in the limelight by winning the Booker Prize. The difference between the Russian film and this novel is the same as between night and day. That is, it has nothing to do with war. It has to do with the problems of Indian society, with which the issue of ‘merge has increased as medicine has’. The pictures taken by Arvind Adiga in the novel about the high-pitched, corruption and poverty have been made on the film titled ‘The White Tiger’. Preparations are on for its digital premiere in December.

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The makers of this film include Priyanka Chopra ( Priyanka chopra ) Are included. She is showing more interest in this field these days. His ‘Evil Eye’ as a producer has recently appeared on the OTT platform. Expectations for ‘The White Tiger’ also increase because Iran-based American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani is associated with it. He is known for Hollywood’s’ Man Push Cart ‘,’ Chop Shop ‘,’ Plastic Bag ‘, ’99 Homes’ and’ Fahrenheit 451 ‘. Ramin Bahrani emphasizes emotion rather than technical grandeur in his films.

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Rajkumar Rao will also be seen
Balaram Halwai (Adarsh ​​Gaurav), the poor hero of ‘The White Tiger’, reaches Delhi from the village with dreams of a better life. Gradually, he learns the trick of setting foot in the metropolis. After killing his boss in Delhi, he reaches Bangalore and emerges as a big business by manipulation. The film will also feature Priyanka Chopra and Rajkummar Rao. The manner in which the film captures the soft feelings lost in the increasing urbanization, it is currently locked in the grasp of time.


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