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Pregnant Meghna Raj is introducing her child to her late husband, the eyes of emotion fans are moist


Mumbai. Every husband and wife prepare for the celebration after the birth before the child enters the world. A similar promise was made by Kannada film actor Chiranjeevi Sarja and his wife Meghana Raj. Though Niyati had some more approval and Chirnjeevi died in June this year, but Meghna not only took care of herself but also fulfilled the promises made to her husband. Recently, Pregnant Meghna celebrated Baby Shower with the same pomp as Chiranjeevi. Now on Chirnjeevi’s birthday, Meghna introduces her unborn child to her father.

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The stone will be the heart, which does not become emotional

Meghna Raj has shared some photos and videos on social media. These include videos shot during the baby shower, and clips featuring Chirnjeevi. In the caption of a video introducing the child to the father, Meghna wrote, ‘Young children, your father is always like a celebration’. The video has photos and videos of Chironjeevi and clips of Meghna’s baby shower. On this video, fans have fiercely wooed. Fans say that perhaps there will be a stone heart, which will not become emotional on seeing it.

The secret of happiness on the face

Meghna’s blushing face is visible in the videos. However, the reason behind this smile is emotional. Meghna mentioned this in one of her posts. In it, he wrote, ‘Celebrations after the child is in the womb and after its birth will be as you (husband) wanted. There was hardly any effort left in fulfilling his desire. None of the family members or friends ignored Chiranjeevi’s wish. He appeared happy just as Chiranjeevi would have been.

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Married in 2018

Significantly, Meghna’s husband Chiranjeevi died on 7 June this year. Chiranjeevi, 39, suffered a heart attack. Meghna was pregnant at that time. Chiranjeevi and Meghna were married in May 2018. They were married to Catholic and Hindu customs. The two had known each other for 10 years before marriage. This friendship turned into love and the two decided to marry.


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