Poll of open board marking system from RTI, admission of student stuck on giving 46 marks less


. The Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) examination results have shown great negligence. The way the board results in loopholes, the credibility of the board is also deteriorating.

By: Sachin

Updated: 18 Oct 2020, 12:33 PM IST

Sikar / Fatehpur. There has been a lot of negligence in the result of Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) examination. The way the board results in loopholes, the credibility of the board is also deteriorating. A similar case has come up with the result of a student in Dhandhan village of Fatehpur. In the 12th science examination declared by the Board of Secondary Education, student Hemant Sharma got 82.17 percent marks, but had given 19 out of 80 marks in Hindi subject. As a result, due to low percentage of students, he could not enter the college of choice. The student got a copy from RTI due to doubt about the result. When I saw the copy, the whole system was exposed. In the subject sheet of the student, in which the board had given 19 numbers out of 80, when I saw the copy, it had 65 out of 80 numbers. But the board’s mistake spoiled the student’s record.

Examination from government school, good marks in all
The son of Sanwarmal Sharma of Dhandhan village was enrolled in 12 science in the government school of the village itself. Hemant Sharma, a student of 12 sciences, scored 82.40 per cent. In Hindi, 39 out of 100 students were given. The student had more than 90 percent in three subjects and 87 marks in one subject in the other subject. In such a situation, the student was expected to score more than 90 percent. Promising wanted to get admission in Maharaja College of Jaipur. But the student’s admission could not happen due to the board’s mistake. In the marksheet, there were 39 numbers out of the first 100 with a session number, while later it became 85 out of 100. This increased the total number of students from 82.40 percent to 91.60 percent. Hemant Sharma was always brilliant in studies. In the 12th science class, the student has got 100 out of 100 in Mathematics. Apart from this, 96 in English, 90 in Chemistry and 87 in Physics have come. Later, Hindi also reached 85 numbers.

Admission in prestigious college was not done by the board’s mistake

How can the board’s negligence affect the career of a student, who can understand it more than Hemant Sharma. Hemant Sharma wanted to get admission in Maharaja College of Rajasthan University located in Jaipur. The student hoped that if he got more than 90 percent marks, then admission would also be done. When the result came, the board’s negligence prevailed on the student. Due to the low number of students in Hindi, 82.40 per cent marks were scored at the time of the result of the student. In such a situation, his dream of entering Maharaja College remained unfulfilled. By the time the board released the revised result, the admission process was complete.

How many children must have made a small mistake of the board

In Rajasthan result of Board of Secondary Education, such mistakes are continuously appearing.
Due to the continuous misunderstanding, thousands of students go to the aspirations. Despite constant negligence, the board is not improving it. Due to low number of students do not get admission and many have to take other subjects. They also have to undergo mental stress. Last year too, a student of the area had low number in science subject, so he had to take admission in the Faculty of Arts instead of Science.

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