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Policeman’s wife commits suicide in Surat


– There was a fight between the husband and wife to take the flat


The wife of a policeman resident of Athwalines-based police head Quater drank phenyl during a fight with her husband on Thursday night. Then the husband stopped her. After this she went into the house and hanged herself. He died in a private hospital. Police said that there was a fight between the husband and wife to take the flat.

Umra police said Jyotiba Yogesh Solanki (28), a resident of Police Head Quarter Building at Athwalines, had a fight with Yogesh to take the flat on Thursday night. He drank phenyl first in a huff and then committed suicide by hanging himself. The husband went inside the other door and rescued Jyotiba and took her to a private hospital. He died there. Police said that the deceased’s husband Yogesh is working in Khatodara police station in Solanki town. There was a fight between the couple over the issue of taking up a house and other things.


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