Police caught a truck full of illegal liquor …


Raisen. In view of the by-elections to be held in 28 seats of Madhya Pradesh Assembly, the police is looking strict and the vehicles have been tightened in the by-elections. The by-election is to be held in the Sanchi assembly constituency of Raisen district. That is why the police is constantly checking vehicles here. During a check-up last night, police caught a truck full of illegal liquor. Police arrested two people, including the truck driver, and are currently being questioned. The price of the seized liquor is being reported between Rs 60 and 70 lakh.

Giving information about the case on Tuesday, Raisen SDOP Aditi Bhavsar said that while taking action under the guidance of senior officials on the information of the informer, a truck carrying the consignment of English liquor was caught by the police during late Monday night checking. Branded English liquor boxes were found in it. Due to lack of valid documents, the truck was seized along with alcohol and the driver and one of his accomplices were arrested and they are being questioned in relation to the liquor. At present, the police have counted the cases of alcohol and deposited them in the food and the matter has been taken into consideration for further action by giving information to the Excise Department.



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