Police arrested two inter-state vehicle thieves with illegal substance, 3 vehicles also recovered

Police lodged both vehicle thieves and sent them to jail

Sultanpur The Kotwali Municipal Police and the district SWAT team have arrested two vicious gangsters of the end-vehicle vehicle thief gang and seized two stolen Bullero carriages and Tamancha from their possession. The vehicle thieves have been identified as Harshvardhan Singh, resident of Chhatarpur village in Antu police station area of ​​Pratapgarh district and Dhammaur Sultanpur, a resident of Sandeep Prajapati.

SP Shivhari Meena said that due to the fruitful efforts of the police and the SWAT team, 02 persons were arrested while sitting in a white pickup loader rammed to the side of the railway line on the south side of the Payagipur railway crossing. The jammed person was caught while the cartridge and cartridge were recovered from him. In the police interrogation, one named his name Harshvardhan Singh alias Golu Singh, Abhay Pratap Singh, resident of Chhatarpur Siwala police station – Antu district – Pratapgarh and the other named his name Sandeep Prajapati son Dhaniram Prajapati resident Rampur police station – Dhammaur Sultanpur.

IAS-1038/20 Section 3/25 Arms Act was registered on the local police station by seizing 01 illegal indigenous pistol 12 bore and 01 live cartridge 12 bore from the possession of accused Harsh Vardhan. On strict interrogation by the police, both the accused were told that we had stolen the vehicle number UP 44 F 0185 near HDFC Bank Khairabad between 03-04 AM and hid the number plate next to it. The second pick-up vehicle UP 44 AT 6462 was stolen from Khwaja complex and hidden it. The third vehicle Bolero number UP 44 AS 7167 was stolen and they were searching for buyers of both the vehicles. The police have sent both the vehicle thieves to jail.

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