Police arrested 3 accused of robbery from liquor contract


Jind Uchana police station has arrested three accused in the case of looting money by entering into village Kahsoon liquor contracts and attacking Seljman. Which has two junials. Those who were sent to the correctional home Madhuban after questioning. While one accused has been taken on remand for two days. The number of people involved in the incident is said to be five.

On October 3, Rajendra, a resident of village Khatkad, had said in a complaint to the police that he works as a sledgeman on a liquor contract in Kahsoon village. On the night of October 2, three youths entered into liquor contracts with rods and attacked them and escaped by robbing them an amount of Rs 12 thousand from liquor contracts. He also suffered a lot from the attack of robbers. The Uchana police station registered a case of robbery against three unidentified youths on Rajendra’s complaint.

The vehicle used in the incident was recovered by the police. On the basis of which the police proceeded with the investigation, the names of Satish and his companions came out in the village Rindana. On the basis of this, the police caught Satish and two others. The police investigation found two other minors. Those who were sent to the correctional home Madhuban after questioning. While Satish is taken on two days remand.

Apart from the three accused caught in the police interrogation, the names of two other persons have also come before the police. At the behest of which the robbery on liquor contract was carried out. Currently, Uchana police station is questioning the accused taken on remand. Investigating officer Jagdeep of Uchana police station said that two accused juveniles were found involved in the crime. Who have been sent to the correctional home, while an accused has been taken on two days remand.

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