Poison once again dissolves in air


Pollution control board expressed concern over pollution figures in the environment reaching 249

BK Pandey

Bharuch After the unlock, the air pollution in Ankleshwar industrial area of ​​the district is once again increasing. Due to the companies shutting down during the Corona period, there was a decrease in pollution in the GIDC area as well as in the district. The clean environment in the Corona period has once again started to swallow the polluted smoke from the factories.

Ankleshwar is witnessing a significant increase in air pollution. The pollution control board has also expressed concern over the pollution figure rising to 249 on Wednesday. Rapidly increasing pollution is posing a threat to people’s health in the Corona period. Due to the spreading pollution, the resistance of people is also being said to decrease.

According to data released by the Central Pollution Control Board, air pollution has increased. The standard of pollution has been fixed at 189 and maximum standard 328. According to GPCB data released on October 12, the amount of pollution in Ankleshwar has increased to 249. Environment-savvy Kaushal Goswami said that along with the GPCB, the industrial division will also have to make efforts to curb the increasing pollution in Ankleshwar.

Questions on methodology

Monitoring system of Ankleshwar Udyog Mandal as well as Gujarat Pollution Control Board has been installed to monitor the increase in pollution in the environment of Ankleshwar. Despite monitoring, the air quality index is under question over the functioning of government machinery.

Gas left at night

In Ankleshwar, especially in the beginning of the winter season, some careless companies have been taking advantage of the weather to release polluted gas. People are facing problems due to the smell of polluted gas being released.


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