Philips launches new soundbar and party speaker with these amazing features, know the price


Desk. The company Philips has introduced a new range of soundbars and party speakers in India, launching new sound bars and party speakers. Philips launched the new soundbar with an initial price of Rs 4,990.

At the same time, the initial price of the party speaker has been launched for Rs 18,999. You can buy these products of the company from Flipkart and Amazon as well as Sony’s official retail shop.

All kinds of soundbars
The affordable HTL1020 model in the new range of Philips soundbars is priced at Rs 4,990. The HTL1042 model is priced at Rs 7,990. In the higher range, the HTL8120 has been priced at Rs 14,990 and the HTL8121 model has been priced at Rs 16,990. The most premium model the company has launched in the soundbar segment is HTL8162, priced at Rs 19,990.

Party speaker prices
Philips’ affordable model TANX4105 is priced at Rs 18,990 in the party speaker segment and Rs 21,990 for the TANX4205 model. Philips’ premium party speaker model TANX200 is priced at Rs 25,990.

Philips’ affordable soundbar models HTL1042 and HTL1020 have sound outputs of 40W and 20W. The party claims 14 hours of playtime in the Philips TANX200’s single charge in the speaker segment. The economical TANX4105
And TANX4205 party speakers have features like wireless mic, light effects and trolley.

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