Permitted export of limited quantity of selected variety of onions, prices expected to rise

Government allows limited export of Onion with selected...- India TV Paisa
Photo:FILE Government allows limited export of Onion with selected varities

new Delhi. The government has relaxed the conditions prohibiting onion exports and has allowed limited quantities of onions to be selected. A notification in this regard has been issued on Friday. According to the notification issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, exports of Bangalore Rose Onion and Krishnapuram Onion are being opened with immediate effect till 31 March 2021 but only a maximum of 10,000 tonnes of onions will be allowed to be exported. The government may have allowed small quantities of exports, but this has increased the possibility of increasing prices.

In view of the rising prices of onion in the domestic market, the government had stopped its exports only last month. But onion importing countries from India had demanded some relaxation in exports, in view of which the government has relaxed the export of certain varieties of onions in limited quantities.

Since last month, onion prices started increasing in the wholesale and retail markets in the country, due to which the government had curbed exports. On September 14, the government banned onion exports. After the ban on exports, prices in the wholesale market for some time have come down but now they have started rising again. After the export ban, the wholesale price of onion in Lasalgaon mandi of Maharashtra had come down to Rs 2401 but later started rising again and on Thursday the price in Lasalgaon went up to Rs 3501. Talking about the retail market, prices are running between Rs 40-50 per kg, in Delhi on Thursday the price was Rs 45.


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