People gathered in Sultanpur after digging for the treasure


– During the digging of the soil, the gold coins of the Buddhist carpet started coming out from the clay pitcher in the ground
On the coins found in the excavation, on one side there is a galactic god inscribed and on the other side there is a statue of Maa Lakshmi.

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Sultanpur. You must have heard the classic song ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugele-Ugale Hire-Moti’ from the film Upkar, starring famous actor Manoj Kumar. The same song of the film came to light on Tuesday evening in Kanhaipur village of Bhadaiya block in Sultanpur district when gold coins started pouring out of the mud pot in the ground while digging the soil in the field. Seeing it, the laborers working there took away the gold coins that came out of the pot of clay. The Kotwali country police, activated on the information of the villagers, raided the night and questioned several laborers in custody. Police recovered 52 Buddhist coins from the workers. Villagers say the number of coins is close to 200. The coins found in the excavation have the name Ganga Dev on one side and the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on the other side.

CO Lambhua Lalchand Chaudhary told that the coins which have been found, have some inscription written in ancient language on one side which is unreadable and on the other hand the statue of Mata Lakshmi is made. Complete information has been given to the Department of Archeology. The coins found in the excavation of the soil are of gold.

Ganga Dev assumed the title of Vikramaditya
Dr. Harsh Kumar, Professor of Ancient History, University of Allahabad, told that the Goddess Ganga was the king of Chedi, situated between the rivers Yamuna and Narmada. Gangeya Dev was a worthy and courageous king, who also won Prayagraj and Kashi. He assumed the title of Vikramaditya. He did penance under the Vat tree on the confluence bank of Prayagraj and prayed. Coins from the time of Ganga Dev are found in many places in North India.



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