Pavitra Punia said- ‘Abhinav Shukla would have dated her if she was not married’, Rubina Dilac replied in this way


New Delhi Special bonding between love and contestants has started appearing in TV’s popular show Bigg Boss this time in just two weeks. Initially Bigg Boss 14 seemed boring to the people but now all the contestants have started coming in their true colors. While Nikki Tamboli is overwhelming everyone in the house, Rubina Dilaik is seen directly screwing with Salman Khan. On the other hand her husband Abhinav Shukla (Abhinav Shukla) is winning hearts due to her calm nature. Even inside the house, they have robbed the heart of a contestant and that is Pavitra Punia.

As soon as he comes out of jail, Rhea will take legal action against Chakraborty, legal action against Ankita Lokhande!

Pavitra will date Rubina’s husband!

According to media reports, it will soon be shown in Bigg Boss that Abhinav wants to date Shukla as a holy punia. They like Abhinav very much. Pavitra has even said that if Abhinav was not married, she would have dated him. At the same time, Abhinav’s wife Rubina Dilac has got a shocking reaction to this. Actually, Jasmine Bhasin, while talking to Rubina, tells her that Pavitra was talking about dating her husband. She wants to date Abhinav as Pavitra considers him very intelligent.

Rubina allowed Pavithra to date

After hearing this, Rubina has allowed Pavitra to date her husband. Rubina says that if she wants to go on a date with Abhinav, then she has no problem with it. This answer by Rubina is indeed very surprising. Now after Rubina’s yes, if Pavitra takes Abhinav for a date, then it will be very interesting to see. This will be the first time on a Bigg Boss show that a third will be seen between a wife-husband pair.

By the way, many relationships have been made in the house of Big Boss and have deteriorated. But the couple is seen for the first time. Now what chemistry of Bigg Boss Pavitra and Abhinav show to the audience, this is going to be interesting.



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