Parvati Thiruvothu resigns as AMMA! Idavela demands Babu to come down


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Parvati Thiruvothu has resigned from AMMA (Malayalam Movie Artists Association). The popular actress announced her decision to leave the relationship with the explosive Facebook post. Parvati Thirovothu has said in her post that she resigned from AMMA as a protest against the sensitive comment of General Secretary Idavela Babu about the abducted actress. She also demanded that Idavela Babu step down from the post at AMMA.

Read Parvati Thiruvothu’s post here:

Parvati Thiruvothu resigns from AMMA: Demand for resignation of Idave Babu

In 201 In, when my friends resigned from AMMA, I stayed back so that at least some of them could start working on the broken system and help me fix it. After watching AMMA’s general secretary talking to Reporter TV’s Nikesh Kumar, I have given up all hope that anything will change in this organization. Comparing this organization to a female member who has gone down badly and leaving her to a dead person is his most disgusting and bizarre criticism, it is beyond correction.

Mr. Babu may believe that he has used only one metaphor, but it shows his nauseous attitude and I feel sorry for him. I am sure that when the media starts discussing this comment, many of its leaders will support it. I’m always sure they’ve always dealt with issues related to women.

I want to resign from AMMA immediately. Moreover, I strongly demand the resignation of Mr. Edwela Babu. I hope other sincere members will demand the same and I am looking forward to seeing who comes next. I urge every member to say that this is a lazy bubble of “welfare” wrapped around a bundle of corrupt morals.

Parvati Thiruvothu“.

Parvati Thiruvothu resigns from AMMA: Demand for resignation of Idave Babu

The actress also strongly criticized Idavela Babu on her Instagram story by sharing a video and news article of Idavela Babu’s offensive statements. Shockingly, Parvati Thiruvothu called the veteran actor “stupid, disgusting, shameless” in her Insta story. She also called the actor’s association a “club”. Parvati’s courageous role is making a splash on social media.

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