#Parisbeheading: Teacher’s head pen, Kangana, Swara and Shruti Seth reacted like this on Prophet Muhammad’s cartoon


new Delhi. Teaching a teacher the freedom of expression became so heavy that he had to lose his life. Of course this news sounds strange, but it is true. While teaching the text of freedom of expression in Paris, the teacher showed a photo of Prophet Mohammed to the students present in the class. After which only a young man of 18 years beheaded him. It is being told that at the time when this person carried out this incident, he was raising the slogan of Allahu-Akbar. The condition in France has worsened since this incident. Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar, and Shruti Seth have also tweeted and condemned the incident.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has tweeted not one but two from her official Twitter handle. She wrote in her first tweet that “she has actually become intolerant of criticizing a religion and does not worship entirely male-centric women, animals, plants or the environment, but it is the fastest today Is a growing religion and also defends intellectuals, how ??? #parisbeheading. “

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Kangana says in her second tweet that “there is nothing about the lives of Hindus, to this date the West makes films on the massacre of 5-6 lakh Jews, so it is not repeated, through hundreds of years of slavery we know How many Hindus were killed? 100 times more than Jews in WW2, but no movies on Hindu massacre #parisbeheading. “

Actress Swara Bhaskar, while tweeting, described the incident as terrible. She says that “people don’t know how they are doing such things by becoming monsters. I am completely shocked after hearing this news. If someone feels that God wants to kill you in his name then start it Do that to yourself. Interrogation after teacher murder near Paris. “

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Actress Shruti Seth writes on Twitter about the traumatic incident in France, “Why not let your God determine your own score, I’m sure he is perfectly capable of avenging insults. Who gave you Accused of killing in his name ??? Compel this religious terrorism !!! ” Hearing this incident in France, people are getting very angry. People are taking out their anger through social media. At the same time, we are considering where humanity is disappearing.


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