Pakistan: Six workers died due to underground poison gas in Sindh province



  • The laborer’s condition continued to deteriorate due to poisonous gas.
  • Five other workers were also hit by gas to drive one worker out.

Lahore Six workers died due to poisonous gas spill in Sindh province of Pakistan. They were cleaning underground tanks. The incident took place in Karachi on Friday. Workers were working here in the industrial sector. According to officials, he was admitted to the hospital after being ejected from the tank. Where he was declared dead.

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Reportedly, only one person had gone down while cleaning the tank. Here he was hit by gas. Five other workers were also hit by gas to get him out. Immediately after that the emergency team was called. From here he was taken to the hospital. Where he was declared dead.

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According to an official of the Chipa Welfare Trust, which brought the workers out of the underground tank, all the workers were declared dead as soon as they were brought to the hospital. He said that one of those workers went to clean the underground tank, which contained toxic chemicals. After the poisonous gas entered the body, his condition deteriorated and five other people who saved him were also hit by gas.



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