Pakistan has no extradition treaty with US: Supreme Court | Pakistan has no extradition treaty with US: Supreme Court

Islamabad, 9 October (IANS). Pakistan’s Supreme Court has said that the country does not really have any extradition treaty with the US.

According to The Express Tribune, on Thursday, a three-member bench made this remark during a hearing on a petition filed by Talha Aaron, an American citizen accused of planning a bomb attack in New York, who has challenged his extradition to the US.

An additional attorney general had told the court that there was an extradition treaty between Pakistan and the US and said that Washington had extradited two suspects, Farid Tawakal and Farooq Tawakal, to Islamabad in 2008. Meanwhile, a Foreign Ministry official said that Pakistan has adopted a bilateral agreement between the US and Britain in 1932 for this.

The bench ordered the Foreign Office officials to appear before the court at the next hearing with full preparation in connection with the case.

Aaron’s lawyer said his client had been in jail for four and a half years and should be granted bail, but the court dismissed the petition.

It also extended Aaron’s order banning extradition to the US.



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