Only 18 thousand rupees are left in Aditya Narayan’s account, said – If you increase lockdown then you have to sell motorcycles


Mumbai. Singer, anchor and actor Aditya Narayan is not only lagging behind in making his point, but also appears in front of Babaki. Recently, Aditya has told in an interview that after the trouble caused by the lockdown, only 18 thousand rupees are left in his account. If this continues, then they will also have to sell their motorcycles. It may sound strange, but the same is happening with Aditya.

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‘Saving saved to run’
Aditya told in an interview to Bollywood Bubble that if the lockdown continues like this, then people will be hungry. All my savings are gone. Whatever fund I had invested in, I had to withdraw to run the work. Nobody makes a plan that he will not work for a year and still have fun. Only billionaires can do this.

‘Not a single penny will be left’
Singer further said that now only 18 thousand rupees are left in my account. If I do not get work in this month also, then I will not have any money. I have to sell my bike or something else. It is very difficult. You also have to listen to some unwanted calls. When you hear such calls, some people say that your decision was not correct.

Discussion about marriage
Significantly, Aditya is in discussion about his marriage these days. She has confirmed the news of her marrying Shweta Agarwal. The two are said to have met during the 2010 movie ‘Shapit’. Since then, both have been in relationship for more than 10 years.

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Shooting started for Indian Idol
However, recently Aditya has shared information from his social media handle that he has started shooting for the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol show’. He has also shared some photos in which he is seen on the set. Looking at this, it seems that his financial troubles are going to end here.



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