On the very first day of Navratri, the charities took away the thieves


On the very first day of Navratri, the charities took away the thieves

Palace On the one hand with the beginning of Navratri, the surrounding Devi temple complex is starting to resonate with cheer. The thieves are also becoming active due to the crowd of offerings and devotees coming to the temple. On Friday night, thieves broke the main door by breaking the main door from the Barwal Mata temple of Mataji Rawata village in the area.

The temple’s priest Ramarai Meghwanshi said that on Friday he went to his house after the evening arti, the same day the main door was broken when he reached Alsubah temple. The donation box inside the temple was missing. According to the priest, the donation box was not opened for the last few months, due to which it is considered to be cash of about three to four thousand. Crowds of villagers gathered in the temple on the information of the incident. Police have started investigating the incident as well as searching for the thieves.

Diggi Kalyan will be seen from today
Malpura Shreeji’s temple in Diggi, a religious town in the subdivision, will be opened from Sunday for general devotees. There will be a ban on carrying prasad, garland and other pooja items in the temple. According to the order issued by Sub-divisional Officer Dr. Rakesh Kumar Meena, according to the guidelines issued in connection with the global epidemic Kovid 19 and issued by the District Collector As per the guidelines, from Sunday, Shreeji temple will be opened for the devotees and devotees.

It was stated in the order that while maintaining social distance during the darshan, the entry and exit of the temple, entrance and exit of the temple will be separated. The devotees and visitors with no mask will not be allowed to enter the temple and the entire temple premises will be allowed daily. Sprinkling with hypochloride will be mandatory, as well as bringing prasad, flower garland and other worship materials to the temple will also be prohibited.

Significantly, from 22 March, the entry of the common people into the temple was banned. During this period, only the serving priests of the temple were entering and doing regular worship and aarti. Arrangements have been made by the same temple trust to wash hands and sanitizer outside the temple before entering the temple.


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