On the delay in the extradition of Vijay Mallya, the government said in the Supreme Court – the ongoing confidential proceedings

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new Delhi. The Supreme Court asked the lawyers of fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to tell them by November 2 when Mallya can appear before the court and when the confidential proceedings will end. On Monday, the case of fugitive liquor businessman Vijay Mallya was heard in the Supreme Court. Vijay Mallya, convicted of contempt of the Supreme Court, did not appear for a debate on the sentence today.

The central government has told the Supreme Court that the extradition of fugitive liquor businessman Vijay Mallya has been ordered by the Supreme Court of Britain (United Kingdom), but to no effect. The Center says that it is not aware of the secret proceedings going on in the UK, due to which Mallya’s extradition is delayed. This was revealed during the hearing of contempt case against Mallya in the Supreme Court on Monday. The judges wondered how he had stayed there even after he lost a legal battle for extradition in a UK court. The court rebuked the fugitive businessman’s lawyer for not giving a clear answer to it and postponed the hearing for November 2.

Today, Justice Ashok Bhushan’s bench began hearing as soon as possible. “All legal process of extradition in UK has been completed. The Mallya’s appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court too, but now a secret process has started there. We are not a party to it,” the Center counsel said . Therefore, cannot tell how long it will last. ” At this, the judges asked Mallya’s lawyer, “The UK Supreme Court has also allowed extradition, then how have your clients stayed there?” Which secret process has been started there? How long will it last? “

Advocate Ankur Sehgal, appearing for Mallya, said he had no information on this. The judges expressed resentment over this, saying, “You have appeared for someone and are unable to answer the question on his behalf?” The court asked the lawyer to present a clear answer. The case will now be heard on 2 November at 2pm.

Mallya, who absconded with thousands of crores of banks, has been convicted by the Supreme Court of contempt for not giving proper details of assets and for illegally transferring money to the family’s foreign account. His reconsideration petition has also been dismissed. In an order dated 31 August, the Supreme Court had earlier directed fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya to appear in person before 2 pm on 5 October. The apex court had directed the Home Ministry to provide facility to ensure Mallya’s appearance in the court in October. The order was issued by the Supreme Court dismissing the petition filed for reconsideration of Mallya’s 2017 conviction in the contempt case.

Vijay Mallya is accused in the case of not paying more than Rs 9 thousand crore loan from banks for the closed Kingfisher Airlines. He is currently living in Britain, whose government is trying to get him extradited.


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