On how Shikha Talsania copes with social media poisoning: I don’t let negativity down


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Over the past few months, social media seems to have made some changes to this phenomenon. Many have seen the rise of poisoning on social media platforms and especially after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood celebrities have become targets of oppression and hatred.

Shikha Talsania on how she handles social media bullying

Actor Shikha Talsania has revealed that she is embarrassed to face trolls on social media. “There were times when I thought of logging out and taking a break from social media. Or I thought of closing my comments to avoid the negativity coming at me, but I haven’t done any of that yet,” she said in an interview to Hindustan Times.

She further clarified that if she is on social media, she cannot keep the negativity away as trolls increase in large numbers. However, she chooses to focus on the love that comes her way.

“Some days I react, some days I don’t react to it, some days I stop it to curb negativity, some day I’m engaged in it. So, it depends on the day and my mind. But of course I’m not Don,” she said. “I shouldn’t get bored with this negativity. Above all, I think about the more important things in my life to focus on. Everyone has a way of dealing with it. I have it. I never let this poisoning affect my mind,” she said.

Speaking about the fact that social media is a new phenomenon and proper behavior has not yet developed, Shikha said, “I think we are at a different stage right now and still learning about social media. Sometimes many of us don’t understand how our words and expressions Are offensive and can affect the people around us. But slowly we see all the discussions going on and we hopefully understand and I think we will get somewhere, instead of calling the trolls and telling them that you are terrible, we will argue with them. Let’s try. “

Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Shakib Saleem etc. have also been raising their voices against social media bullying in recent times.

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