OMG! The car was seen running without a driver on the middle road, the viewer was shocked.


Car seen without driverless car on the road in Tamil Nadu

This viral video is going viral on social media

new Delhi. In India, many technology-driven cars are racing on the road these days, but so far no technology car has been built that can run without support from the driver. But recently, such a car has been seen on the road in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu), which was running without any driver. When people saw such a car running fast on the road, their eyes were left open. On social media, this video is becoming viral since quite Teja.

In the video going viral, this car belongs to the Fiat company, which is seen running fast without a driver on the middle road. When the people running behind this vehicle saw this scene, they immediately made a video of it. A man wearing a mask in this car appeared to be sitting next to the driving seat. Which looked quite cool. So much so that when this car goes to a crowded place, it leaves without changing fear and overtaking other vehicles. People lose their senses after seeing this view how it happened.

After all, who is driving a car?
Now let us tell you about its reality, how it became possible. Actually the person sitting in the car is driving the car. Even though he is sitting to the right of the driving seat, his hand is controlling the steering of the car, while doing so he appears very calm and comfortable. Both sides of this car have gears inside the steering wheel. The car can be handled with utmost care even by sitting on the side seat. Such a feature can be seen in the cars of most driving schools. The teacher also controls the vehicle. Viewers felt that the car was running on its own. Please tell that the video that is going viral is from Vellore in Tamil Nadu, which the experienced person is doing such acts but those who do not have knowledge about the vehicle, they should not repeat this feat.


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