North Korea: Kim Jong-un visits the city affected by the storm | North Korea: Kim Jong-un visits the city affected by the storm


Seoul (South Korea), 14 October (IANS). North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un visited a mining town badly damaged by the storm in the country’s eastern province. He also appreciated the ongoing efforts to rebuild the area.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim visited the Komdok region of South Hamkong province in recent months.

KCNA said, he said that he is seeing that the damage done in the area is more than he thought. He was very appreciative of the labor related work of the service personnel who are involved in the work of reconstruction.

According to Yonhap’s report, Kim also revealed plans to convert the Komdok region into the country’s model mountain town. He asked for construction of around 25,000 houses in Komdok and nearby closely affected areas as part of a 5-year economic development plan.

North Korea has been hit by storms in recent months and has affected the eastern province of the country the most. Explain that the Komdok region is particularly rich in zinc, magnetite and other minerals.

Only last week, Kim has launched an 80-day campaign to recover from the flood damage and make as much progress in the country’s economic development project by the end of the year.



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