Nobel Peace Prize 2020 awarded to World Food Program Nobel Peace Prize 2020: Nobel for Peace to World Food Program, Award for efforts to combat hunger

Digital Desk, Oslo. This time, the World Food Program (WFP) has been chosen by the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel for Peace. It has been given to contribute to its efforts to combat hunger and to create a better state of peace in conflict affected areas. The World Food Program also served as a driving force to prevent hunger from being used as a weapon in places of war and conflict.

Explain that the World Food Program is the largest humanitarian organization in the world that promotes food security. In 2019, the WFP provided assistance to around 100 million people in 88 countries. The organization also played an important role in feeding and helping the needy throughout the world during the Corona era. The responsibility of the World Food Program has increased during the Corona epidemic, as the number of people struggling with hunger has increased significantly. The institution says that until the vaccine comes, food is the best vaccine.

Some facts about the Nobel Peace Prize:
100 Nobel Peace Prizes have been awarded between 1901 and 2019.

Total 24 organizations have been awarded.

-Two peace awards are divided among three persons.

Seventeen women have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize till now.

Luiz Gluck received the Nobel of literature
Earlier, the Swedish Nobel Committee on Thursday announced the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to 77-year-old American poet Luiz Glück. In 1968, Louis’s first book, Firstborn, was published. She has since become a well-known contemporary litterateur in America. 12 collections of Louis’s poems have been published. He has also written many essays. Louis is best known for his poems in poems. He has written serious poems on many topics such as childhood, family life, relationship with parents’ children. 1992’s The World Iris is considered one of Louis’s best poetry collections. In it, the poem ‘Snowdrop’ depicts the life returned to the tracks after a cold. Gluck, born in New York in 1943, lives in Cambridge … In addition to writing poems, she is a professor of English at Yale University.

Nobel of chemistry to two women scientists
This year, two women scientists, Emmanuel Carpentiè and Jennifer Doudna, have been selected for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for discovering the method of editing the genome. Emmanuel Carpentieri is an American and Jennifer Doudna is a professor of French descent. The discovery of these professors has made changes in DNA possible in a very precise way. With this help, treatment of serious diseases will be possible. Both scientists discovered the genetic Caesar (CRISPR / Cas9) in 2012. This tool has contributed to many important discoveries. With its help, plant researchers have been able to grow mold, pests and drought-prone crops. At the same time, work is going on on new cancer therapies with its help. The dream of being able to cure inherited diseases is also going to come true.

Three scientists got Nobel in Physics
Earlier on Tuesday, this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics was announced. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm has selected three scientists for this. This includes half-honors to Roger Penrose for his discovery of the black hole formation in connection with Einstein’s theory of observance (General Theory of Relativity), and the remaining half honors jointly with Reinhard Gängel and Andrea Gage at the center of the galaxy with high-density matter ( Supermassive compact object) given for search.

Three scientists got Nobel for medicine
The Nobel Prize for Medicine was announced on Monday. The treatment of this brother-in-law has been given to Nobel Scientists Harvey J. Alter of America, Charles M. Rice, and Michael Haughton of Britain. These three scientists have been given this award for discovering Hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C is a blade-borne virus and causes hepatitis C disease that affects the liver. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 70 million hepatitis cases in the world. Every year, 4 million people die due to this disease in the world. This disease is classified as chronic disease and is the leading cause of liver diseases and cancer.

1.1 million dollar prize
The 10 million Swedish crown ($ 1.1 million) is awarded when the Nobel Prize is won. The three scientists will share the prize money. The Nobel Prize is given in memory of Sweden’s scientist Alfred Banard Nobel. Before his death, Alfred had given a large part of the estate to the trust to honor those individuals working for mankind. The first Nobel Peace Prize was given in 1901. The Nobel Prize is awarded in 6 fields. It is announced every year by 12 October. These fields are Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics.


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