Nitin Raut said – action will be taken against those who disrupt electricity supply in Mumbai


Mumbai. Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut has described the power supply disrupted for about two and a half hours in Mumbai on Monday. He said that the technical team is investigating the matter thoroughly. The investigation report will come in a week and thereafter strict action will be taken against the culprits.

Nitin Raut told reporters on Wednesday that power was being supplied from another circuit on Monday after a technical fault in one circuit supplying electricity to Mumbai city, but after that the power supply of Mumbai and Thane was suddenly stalled. .

He said that such technical fault had happened earlier also, but it did not result in power supply. This time a deep conspiracy has been attempted to disrupt the power supply of Mumbai and Thane. Such a conspiracy was done only to discredit the Department of Energy or there are other reasons, it is being investigated. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty in the investigation report.

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