NITI Aayog warning – Corona will face second wave in winter


new Delhi . Seeing the winter and festival season coming closer, NITI Aayog has warned that there is a danger of a second wave of Kovid-19 covid-19 in the country. The head of the National Kovid-19 Task Force, Dr. V.K. Paul Dr.VK Paul gave this warning during a press briefing on Tuesday. He said, “Since our health system is now ready to combat it, the death rate will be very low. Given the nature of the virus and the significant increase in cases in Europe and the United States (USA), we believe that Covid-19 cases will increase. Since the virus has a tendency to thrive in winter, we believe its infection will increase in winter. Rather it will be more than before. “

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There will be more danger in winter
Dr. Paul emphasized more caution during the winter and said that people should not gather for gatherings during festivities, or else it could turn into a super spreader event (fast corona spreading ceremony). He said, “It is now clear that Kovid-19 patients are starting to spread the virus 2-3 days before symptoms begin. In such a situation, if they become part of a gathering, they will spread the disease to many people. “

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The second wave can come
Dr. Prabhakaran Durairaj, director of the Center for Control of Chronic Conditions of the Public Health Foundation of India, says, “All viral diseases increase during winter. But SARS-KOV continued to spread even in summer. But look at other countries where Winters have started, according to which a second wave could come in India. ” He also warned that the situation could worsen due to pollution. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is making people aware to prevent corona from spreading in view of upcoming festivals, winter season and opening of economy.



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