New conspiracy against India in PoK, Pakistan engaged in setting up missile system, China is supporting

new Delhi. China has once again proved that Pakistan tops the list of its special allies. India embroiled in Ladakh China is also very active these days in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). According to sources in India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), last month’s report, China is helping Pakistan in installing a new missile system in PoK. Indian security agencies are monitoring the movements of both countries.

According to sources, the Chinese Army PLA and the Pakistani Army are working together to install a surface-to-air missile near the Lassadana Dhok in PoK.

According to the information, about 130 people of Pakistani army are engaged in this work. Also 25 to 40 citizens are also present at this construction site. According to sources, the control room of this missile system will be in the Brigade Headquarters of the Pakistan Army in Bagh district. 10 PLA ​​people will be present in the control room. There are three officers among them.

According to RAW sources, similar construction information has been found in Chinari in Jhelum district and Chakoti of Hatian Bala of PoK. Earlier in June, such information was revealed that Pakistan had sent a senior officer to the PLA headquarters in Beijing. The aim was to further improve the coordination between the armies in the two countries.

On 5 February this year, the Indian Coast Guard spotted a Chinese warship in Pakistani waters. The Jiangwi-Il frigate was sighted not far from Porbandar, approximately 11 nautical miles in Pakistani waters.

The Pakistani and Chinese navies also conducted bilateral exercises in January. Sources said that China is also providing naval assistance to Pakistan. At present, Pakistan is waiting to acquire eight yuan class submarines and four 054A frigates.

Three days ago, Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria also said that India is aware that China and Pakistan are working as extremely close allies in the military sector. However, he also said that together the two will not pose a threat to India at the moment. He said that no such indication has been found. He also stressed that India is ready to deal with every situation.

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