Neither mask nor two yards distance, why the distance kept from rules


Corona infection spreading day by day due to careless people
Hundreds of people are getting clutched every day

Case 01
Conscious people traveling in roadways buses keep masks while careless people of the countryside ride in buses without masks. Even the operators in buses do not interrupt them. In the beginning, there is a cradle of social distancing in the buses, but as the passenger load increases in the buses, there is no cradle of two yards.
Case 02
In the markets, people are sitting in masks without a mask. They also do not cater to social distancing, due to which the infection continues to grow. They are mocking the rules by being as sure as Corona has gone from here. This situation came to light when this reporter explored the situation in rural areas. Instead of the city, there was negligence of people in the villages and towns of Vagad-Mewar.
Udaipur. While the government and the administration are busy with the safety of the corona epidemic, people are not serious about the cradle of the guideline, due to which the number of corona patients is increasing day by day. People are constantly being urged to apply social distancing and mouth masks, but the reality on the ground is something else. Hundreds of people are suffering due to negligence of some people.
What the government and administration allowed lockdown people became even more careless. Corona virus infection is spreading day by day with freshness. Festivals are also coming in the coming days, so the negligence of people is not right. Due to their inattentiveness and not following the rules, this infection is continuously holding hundreds of people in its grip. Between Corona to war, people have to show awareness and maintain a guide line only then we will be able to drive Corona here.


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