Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet’s wedding revealed! Raj inadvertently uncovered this post from Singer


Mumbai. There are reports of marriage of Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar and Punjabi singer Rohanpreet Singh. Both have also expressed relation from their side. However, fans and celebs are still not sure whether the wedding will actually happen or it is a publicity stunt. The reason for this doubt is Neha’s new social media post, in which she has announced to launch a music video with Rohanpreet on 21 October.

The giant and the king said – Man, there is a big confusion.
Neha has shared a post on social media on Wednesday. He and Rohan are seen in it. Both hands are looking into each other’s eyes. The scene is like a Punjabi wedding. The post reads, ‘Neha and Rohanpreet Singh’s wedding.’ A line written at the bottom is confusing to everyone. It has written lyrics and composition Neha Kakkar.

“Tell me clearly, brother”

With this, Neha wrote in the caption of this post, ‘Neha’s wedding, it will be seen on Mere Rohu aka Rohanpreet Singh, on 21 October.’ Photo, caption, express love, call each other like lovers. After seeing all this, people have become confused. Musician Vishal Dadlani is also in a spin. In response to Neha’s post, she wrote, ‘Hey, I’m Confused now. Neha and Rohan- Is this a new song? Tell me clearly, brother. Or download stream, like, share. ‘ Similar is the case with rapper Badshah. He has also written that the man is very confused.

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Music video promotion

Before today’s post it seemed that both of them are really going to get married. After the new post, it is almost clear that this is a promotion of a music video. Share photos and captions from Neha point to this. It is being talked about music. Sound label is mentioned.

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Neha has also shared one more thing in the Instagram story with the fans. He has written that combining Rohanpreet and Neha makes Nehupreet, but Rohu is always in my mind. That is why I wrote Rohupreet in the caption. I just fixed it. So my and Rohan’s fans, we are together ‘Nehupreet’.



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